Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Selling to a Dealer:

People contact us regularly wanting
us to purchase their antique prints.
These are some of the suggestions
we give to potential sellers.

Be prepared to do some homework
before contacting a dealer. An email
with the following information is
generally needed to prepare the dealer.


a) A clear photo of your item.
b) A close up of signatures, if any.
c) The size of the image.
d) The provenance if available.
e) Any information you may have
    learned about the piece.
Educating yourself is key!


a) Do not suggest a retail markup
    price, this is up to the dealer to decide.
b) Do not contact the dealer under the guise
    of asking for an appraisal when your
    intent is to sell the item. You will almost
    never make a sale to a dealer doing this.
c) Do not suggest comparables unless you
    have expert knowledge in this area.

Selling to a dealer can be a positive experience
and a good learning exercize for both parties.

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