Saturday, 28 July 2012

Recap - ARIDO Accredited Events for July

We were excited to be part of another 'Blending Genres' exhibit and weekly symposium series, expertly organised by Marilyn Harding of .   It was located in the Dignam Gallery of the Womens Art Association of Canada, 23 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto.
Photographs of the hanging of the exhibit (the hard work) and of the Open House on July 04 (the fun part) are by photographer Anne Launcelott. Check her out at .

Anne's photographs were on display at the WAAC along with Anthony Batten, Linda Kemp,
Lynn Bertrand plus our own rare 1920 pochoir prints.

Each artist gave their own individual presentations finishing with a talk by Nicholas Legge from our gallery, discussing 'The Frame: Art in Context '.

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