Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Legge Prints Erotica Collection

2012 will mark the twentieth anniversary of Legge Prints’ foray into erotic art, the creation of our portfolio of erotic prints as well as our first acquisitions of artistic portrayals of the human form.

Our own interest in erotica was sparked in 1992 by the referral of one client by another, who is an avid collector of Madonna memorabilia and in particular the collection of photos taken of her by photographer Steven Meisel that make up her now legendary book SEX. The client approached us after careful research and a positive referral from another collector of photography whose Daguerrotypes and albumen prints we had carefully conserved, mounted and framed to museum standards over the course of several months.

The latter client’s collection now requires two homes (Toronto and Florida) to house the collection and includes all aspects of photographs, posters, ticket stubs, CD sleeves, cards and the Japanese version of the SEX book lovingly sealed standing in a glass box of our creation (The Japanese version was printed on art paper of far higher quality than that of the English and other versions).
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